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Guide to Choosing the Best Body Vibration Machine

A great body vibration machine is a must-have for any fitness enthusiast. After all, these machines not only ensure that a person develops healthy bones and bone density, but they also support people to get in shape, tone their muscles, lower their stress hormone levels, stimulate HGH, and improve coordination. However, an individual can only get these benefits by choosing the right body vibration machine to work with. But how do you go about choosing one? And how do you know which will be the best vibration machine for you? Here are a few tips to help you choose the best body vibration machine for your needs.

Evaluate the Type of Body Vibration Machine

There are two types of body vibration machines: linear and oscillating. A linear body vibration machine is one whose plate moves in an up-and-down motion, whereas an oscillating one tilts, moving up, down, then side to side.

Researchers recommend oscillating vibration machines, as this type is the top vibration machine for supporting good health. That means that it will help you build muscle or manage a condition better than a linear vibration machine. Additionally, an oscillating machine is safer to use – it will not jar you up and down at high frequency leading to head and neck discomfort as a linear vibration machine will.

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Check the Frequency

Frequency refers to the number of vibrations a machine can take you through in a second. The standard frequency of a body vibration machine is between 7 and 28 Hertz (Hz). However, the best body vibration machine is the one which comes with a frequency of between 25 and 50Hz. Some linear vibration machines even have frequencies as high as 60Hz.

Depending on your needs, you can choose a high- or moderate-frequency body vibration machine. High-frequency, high-power machines are great if you want to burn large amounts of fat or fatigue muscles enough to tone and strengthen them. Moderate frequencies help with regeneration processes, whether for bones, muscles or injuries.

Assess the Cost

The frequency and type of machine are all important factors when choosing the best vibration machine, but ultimately the price determines whether you can get your dream gym machine.

Before looking at anything else, look at the size of your budget. You should typically go for the vibration machine that fits into your budget and has an acceptable frequency. However, if the cost justifies the result, for instance, if you want a body vibration machine to help you manage a condition or an injury, you could splurge on a high-performing getup.

Remember, the point is to get yourself the best machine you can afford.

Extra Tips

Minor considerations you should also watch out for when looking for the best vibration machine include the noise made by the machine, its energy consumption levels and the size of the vibration plate.

Hopefully, you can now choose the perfect body vibration machine for your needs.