Picture of Hippocrates' Inversion Table

History of Health: Inversion Therapy

Inversion therapy is a burgeoning topic in the world of health and wellness, helping hundreds of thousands of people achieve back pain relief every day. However, few people know about this health craze’s lengthy history. In this article, we will review inversion therapy from its inception in 3,000 BC all the way to the present.

Inversion Therapy in Ancient Times

The first evidence of inversion therapy can be seen in ancient stone carvings, which appear to show early homo sapiens hanging upside-down on grid-like structures. It is believed that people in antiquity hung upside-down on ladders to improve their blood flow, stimulate their glands, and relieve abdominal pressure.

Starting in 400 BC, Hippocrates made a practice of lifting his patients up through a pulley system. His clever application of gravitational forces allowed for the relief of spinal and thoracic pressure. Followers of Hippocrates continued to develop his methods all the way until the turn of the milennium. Read More